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Welcome to Captivating Natalie Dormer one of the largest and longest running sources dedicated to British Actress Natalie Dormer (formely at Natalie is best known for her role as Anne Boleyn in Showtime's The Tudors but you also may recognise her from Casanova, Flawless and Game of Thrones. Currently, you can find Natalie as the voice of Dr. Lexi T'Perro in the video game Mass Effect: Andromeda and in upcoming roles as Mrs. Appleyard in the TV Miniseries Picnic at Hanging Rock, as Sofia in In Darkness and as Eliza Merrett in The Professor and the Madmen.

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September 01, 2012   /   Mel   /   2012 Photo Gallery Photoshoots

Natalie has appeared in a brand new photoshoot in the last few months, pity there is only the one photo so far but she looks divine!

Gallery Link:
– Photoshoots > 2012 > Session #002

September 01, 2012   /   Mel   /   2007 Photo Gallery Photoshoots

I finally after months and months of searching have tracked down this photoshoot, it was done in relation to The Tudors and is now officially one of my favourite shoots of Natalie.

Gallery Link:
– Photoshoots > 2007 > Session #004

September 01, 2012   /   Mel   /   Movie Productions Photo Gallery Rush (2013)

This photo was released on Twitter and it features Natalie in her upcoming movie Rush.

Gallery Link:
– Movie Productions > Rush (2013) > Twitter

August 10, 2012   /   Mel   /   2012 Photo Gallery Public Appearances

I have added MQ’s of Natalie at OMEGA House on August 10 to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Aug 10 | ‘Brazil Night’ at Omega House

August 08, 2012   /   Mel   /   2012 Photo Gallery Public Appearances

I have added some MQ images of Natalie at theOMEGA House Party on August 8.

Gallery Link:
– Public Appearances > 2012 > August 08: OMEGA House Presents ‘Athletics Night’ Party

May 28, 2012   /   Mel   /   2010 2012 Photo Gallery Photoshoots Public Appearances

I have brought the gallery back up to date with three new appearances and one new photo of an old 2010 photoshoot.

Gallery Links:
– Public Appearances > 2012 > May 16: Private View of ‘Ballgowns – British Glamour since 1950’ at the V&A
– Public Appearances > 2012 > March 21: “After Miss Julie” Opening Night
– Public Appearances > 2012 > Unknown Date: “The Fades” Premiere In Madrid
– Photoshoots > 2010 > Session #001

April 04, 2012   /   Mel   /   2011 After Miss Julie (2012) Game of Thrones (2011) Movie Productions Photo Gallery Photoshoots Theatre Productions

I have added a new still of Natalie as Margery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, stills from her performance as Julie in the play After Miss Julie and a brand new photoshoot.

Photoshoots (2011): Session #007 After Miss Julie (2012): Production Stills No Image No Image

Gallery Links:
Promotional Stills
Session #007
Production Stills

February 21, 2012   /   Mel   /   After Miss Julie (2012) Photo Gallery Theatre Productions

I have added four promotional images for Natalie’s upcoming part in the theatre production “After Miss Julie”

"After Miss Julie" Promotional Photoshoot "After Miss Julie" Promotional Photoshoot "After Miss Julie" Promotional Photoshoot "After Miss Julie" Promotional Photoshoot

Gallery Link:
Theatre Productions > After Miss Julie (2012) > Promotional Photoshoot

February 21, 2012   /   Mel   /   2012 Photo Gallery Photoshoots

I have added a new photoshoot to the gallery and I have also organised the photoshoots by year.

Session 01 Session 01 Session 01 Session 01

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > 2012 > Session 01

February 21, 2012   /   Mel   /   Game of Thrones (2011)

The British actor will play merchant prince Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the HBO fantasy drama’s new run.

“He’s the prince of Qarth, and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) runs into him,” Anozie told Coming Soon. “It’s pretty damn good. Game of Thrones just exceeded all expectations. Everyone’s on top of their game. It’s just amazing.”

Anozie also hinted that fans can expect “a lot of action” from the new episodes.

“Season two is bigger,” he said. “It goes deeper into the politics of what is going on. There is a whole episode devoted to a war, that’s going to be big, but I can’t say anymore!”

Natalie Dormer, Carice van Houten, Stephen Dillane, Liam Cunningham and Hannah Murray are among the other actors to have signed up for roles on Game of Thrones.

Dog Soldiers’ director Neil Marshall will helm an episode for the second season, as will The Pacific‘s David Nutter, Rubicon‘s Alik Sakharov and Boardwalk Empire‘s David Petrarca.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic later this year.

Watch a teaser trailer for Game of Thrones season two:

Anozie stars opposite Liam Neeson in the new wilderness thriller The Grey; it opens in cinemas on Friday January 27.